Wednesday, January 1, 2020

A Brief Note On U.p. S And Retailers - 916 Words

U.P.S was unable to deliver packages has promised by retailers to customers . Only 90% of the packages were delivered, almost 2 million packages could not reach their destination in time. There were lots of reasons for the ups Christmas debacle some of them being like U.P.S could not forecast the online rush.It actual forecast was 8% average rise in its daily shipping volumes during the holidays. But online sales during Christmas holidays jumped by 37% from its previous year, according to the data from IBM Digital Analytics, especially on December 23 online orders grew by 63% more than its previous year. Change of customers behavior was an important factor people waited for the best deals they can get.Believed in just in time concept and since most of the retailers offered the best deals for the customers only at the end season most customers made a purchase only at the end. Another reason was a communication gap between U.P.S and retailers, Retailers should have spoken U.P.S officials regarding the volume of the packages That should be shipped in a short span before promising it to the customers, Since retailers are the one’s who were pushing the next day shipping offers in the final hours of the shopping season Weather also played a spoiled sport in this event, there was a severe snow storm that struck U.P.S main hub in Louisville, K. Y. There were only a few hours between shipping from retailer and delivery to the customer, the weather had an impact on the time ofShow MoreRelatednike vs adidas Essay14192 Words   |  57 PagesSURESH 09014 09126 09032 09128 09088 09090 09112 2 INDEX 1. INTRODUCTION 1.1. BRIEF ANALYSIS OF INDUSTRY 1.2. BRIEF DEFINITON OF INDUSTRY 1.2.1.TRENDS IN THE INDUSTRY 1.2.2.MARKET ANALYSIS 1.2.3.MAJOR PLAYERS AND MARKET SHARES 1.3. MAJOR FORCES SHAPING THE INDUSTRY 1.3.1.PORTERÍ›S FIVE FORCES 1.4. PREDICTION FOR 2009-2010 1.5. THE COMPANY AND MAJOR PRODUCT LINES 1.5.1.BRIEF HISTORY OF COMPANY 1.6. FLAGSHIP PRODUCTS, MAJOR PRODUCT LINES, RECENT FORAYS 1.7. HISTORY OF THE

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