Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Management Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Management - Research Paper Example As the world has entered the twenty first century, it has experienced revolutionary changes in many facets of business community. The advancements have not only come under experience in the economic, political, and social sectors but they have transformed and modernized the Industrial sector as well. With the increase in globalization, the business and organizations are emerging on a central platform and universal trade and businesses are expanding their operations to international markets. With the Industrial boom, organizations and enterprises are expanding their business operations as with the increase in world population, the demand for goods and services is escalating, and therefore, in order to meet the customer requirements and to gain a competitive edge over competitors, companies are rising (Brunsson, 2008). Whether a small organization or a giant corporation, management is one of the primary, foremost and the most significant aspect that every organization needs. The management refers to a practice or a course of action that involves successful, valuable, proficient, and competent accomplishment of set of actions and tasks via dealing with other people. Management is a process that makes the maximum use of the tangible assets through integrating couple of people or employees collectively under one umbrella in order to achieve and attain the organization’s aims, targets, missions and visions (Brunsson, 2008). The top person of the management requires a lot of devotion, commitment, determination, and hard work in order to thrive and be successful and achieve the desired outputs and results. In order to become the best or the cream of the crop, an individual should possess, widen, extend and increase their management and cross-functional leadership abilities. The primary and principal factors for any manager or an organization are to identify and evaluate the SWOT analysis that represents the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. It is vital to reveal the strengths that a person or organization possess, and enhance and refine them up. In addition, the weaknesses should come under recognition by the person or the organization so that with the help of different techniques the weakness can overcome. Organizations must try to convert the weaknesses into opportunities so that they can surmount their weaknesses and can have opportunities to grow themselves. Lastly, the threats that t hey have from their competitors present in the market should come under observation intimately and thoroughly. A successful leader develops all the attributes and elements of leadership, communication, conceptual, interpersonal, and technical abilities and proficiencies (Brunsson, 2008). Management is a theory and process that comes under practice by all institutions whether they are educational, business, or governmental and every individual being a student plays an important role in the building and progress of organizations like school and management. Management Functions Management encompasses several functions with it that includes planning, organizing, staffing, directing, coordinating/communicating, controlling/monitoring, and budgeting. Planning is the stepping-stone in any management aspect on which the functions of management come under establishment and creation. Planning can come under implementation for any organization in order to accomplish and achieve the companyâ₠¬â„¢s mission, vision, targets and aims that the organization sets for them to flourish and generate revenues. Planning come under performance in the form of developing strategies and methods that the employee practices towards the achievement of organization’

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