Saturday, November 2, 2019

Service change Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Service change - Essay Example The effectiveness of the medication, the dosage of the medication, and whether or not the patient receives the medication at all affect the way a medication is perceived by the patient. The errors that have been identified have been those related to the inaccuracy of the dosage level and ensuring the appropriate people receive the correct medications. The effects of these errors have been the discontinuation of several medications, such as in the case of medication that treats Atrial Filibration. The patients that were receiving prescribed doses of amiodrone, flecainide, andsotalol took their care in to their own hands when they started receiving â€Å"adverse effects† from these medications. With dosage modification the medication could have been beneficial. The adherence to proper distribution Dosage level influence real and perceived pharmaceutical benefits. If medication is misdiagnosed it affects how well the medication treats the imbalance, and may have an impact on how a patient feels physically from day to day. A Study that was recently completed in Australia described how older Australian were receiving antidepressant medications that treats conditions that were different from the conditions that the patients were actually experiencing. This is a prime example of what causes the discontinuation of potentially useful medication that has been given a false perception due to being in the hands of patients it was never meant to treat. One of the most effective marketing tools is word of mouth. This is a tool that can either generate a frenzy of referrals or a significant negative impression depending on the results of the medication. The cause of the distribution errors generated by the nurses have been due to distractions. The distractions are from the hospital staff in general and the doctors in particular. The doctors are distracting the nurses with questions pertaining to the state of being of the patients

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